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May 6, 2016 (Fri)

A Funky but Difficult Name

有壹手快修 (You Yi Shou Kuai Xiu) is a car industry startup which capitalizes on ecommerce, mobile Internet, and social networks to offers speedy car repair services. The company is one of the many recent startups that adopt the O2O (online to offline) service model.

The company's trading name is 有壹手 (You Yi Shou) and its corporate site is The name literally means "has one hand".

Look at the name carefully. It has the number 1 (one) in the middle of the name. This name is quite creative, because it matches the meaning of the Chinese character Yi (one).

While the name is quite funky, it is not easy for consumers to remember. I think most people will just type the exact match domain name.

The company does own the longer Pinyin name and but they are not used. The exact match name does not resolve but is still available for sale.

Since the company just completed Series B funding, I hope they will spare some money to acquire