Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

Reading Chinese domain news is something I enjoy doing everyday. The more I read, the more I want to know, and the more I become excited about China. The sheer size of its population, aggressive government Internet policies, a thriving community of startups, and Chinese people's affinity to investment/speculation may propel China to become the largest domain market in due time. Here's the post.

May 9, 2016 (Mon)

Why Not Get a Good Domain Name?

北京永安国际旅行社 (Bei Jing Yong An Guo Ji Lv Xing She) is a Beijing-based travel agency founded in 1996. As I have explained before, Chinese companies often have long, legal names.

Its trading name 永安国旅 (Yong An Guo Lv) is much shorter, which is formed by taking four characters from the company's legal name. How did I figure out the trading name? Well, it's written on the About page of the company's corporate website.

Yong An Guo Lv is well established and has received many awards for its excellent services. Recently it was bought out by a larger travel group in China.

Now, suppose I was the founder of the company. What domain name would I use? If money is not an issue, I would go for Otherwise, or would be just fine.

Well, the company has actually chosen instead. What are the problems here? First, the domain name is quite long at 5 letters. Second, it does not match the trading name of the company.

Third, while BJYA can be explained from their legal name, the letter "T" is nowhere to be found. A wild guess is that the letter "T" comes from the word "travel" translated from Lv Xing in the legal name.

As the chosen domain name is long, confusing, and complicated, I don't think many consumers can remember it. They will be forced to use search engines to find the company, which means the company has to spend money on ad placement in search engines to make sure their name will always come up first in search results.

So my question to the company is: Why not spend the same money and get a good domain name?