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Our friends just came back from visiting their family in the ginkgo city. Having been away and living a simpler life overseas for several years, they found there was a tremendous urge to buy everywhere they went because the things for sale were all beautiful and cheap. They had to fight off the temptation as they know they simply do not need that many things in order to enjoy happiness. Here's the post.

May 10, 2016 (Tue)

Nice Domain Picks by This Startup

Bus-sharing is the new thing in China. Traditional public buses are too crowded and slow, so a wave of new startups are attacking this problems and have even invented a new source of income -- by showing ads on mobile phones of commuters via iBeacon technology.

One of these startups is 深圳市乐途宝网络科技有限公司 (Shen Zhen Shi Le Tu Bao Wang Luo Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si). It launched the mobile app and service DuduBashi (嘟嘟巴士) in April 2015 and quickly expanded to 2,000 bus routes. Two rounds of funding have been well received.

In terms of domain name, their picks are smart in my opinion. A Baidu search shows and then are in active use. matches the company's service brand and is easy to pronounce and remember. DuDu means toot and Bashi is bus, so the name is very descriptive. Even though Chinese companies generally do not prefer 4-pin domain names, actually works well because it is still short at 9 characters and there are two repeating characters in the name. has the same contents as The name is much shorter. It is creative and funky as 84 rhymes with 巴士 (BaShi=bus). So, I won't be surprised if becomes the corporate website of the company in the future.

Whois records suggest the startup does not own (for sale) and (different identity). This tells us they consider .com more important than .cn. However, I think they should also acquire these two domain names just for brand protection.

Interestingly, I did not find any website named after the company's name. While they have a good service brand, they don't seem to have a corporate brand. If they change their company name (which is very long anyway) to Dudubashi or simply Dudu, that will make their identify even clearer and simpler for consumers to remember.