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May 13, 2016 (Fri)

Chinese IDN.IDNs Have Great Potential

Many Chinese .IDN have been released in the last few years. But, if you look at their registrations, the numbers don't look good for a country of 1.4b population. For example, .公司 (company) has only 50,441 and .网址 (web address) 339,532 domains registered.

In comparison, .cn has 19m registrations; in April alone, 280,000 domain names were added to the registry.

Now, if a company wants to register a Chinese .IDN, there is no difficulty. Many registrars handle them and prices are affordable. My survey covered in the April 25 blog post shows that the Top 10 registrars in China carry a variety of .IDN names, with .公司 and .网址 being most popular.

Generally, Chinese consumers remember companies and products by their Chinese names, so Chinese IDN.IDN domain names are a natural extension of Chinese consumer behavior.

Then, why haven't we seen an explosion of registrations of Chinese IDN.IDN? My guess is corporate awareness. Many companies may feel they have already secured a good .com or .cn name to build their corporate site, so further domain acquisition is not necessary.

However, Chinese IDN.IDN domain names can play a vital role in their domain strategy. They are not to compete but to complement .com or .cn. They should be used to extend the function of corporate sites.

Specifically, Chinese IDN.IDN is best used as a "guide" to bring visitors to a company's corporate site. A Chinese IDN.IDN is just a name, a label with no content. It can be used in consumer marketing -- in advertising and promotion materials. Their purpose is to redirect visitors to corporate sites.

In fact, some companies are already implementing this strategy. Here are some examples.

深圳康通科技有限公司 (ShenZhen KangTong Technology Co., Ltd) manufactures piezoelectric products. Its corporate website is As a 5L, the domain name is not easy to remember. The company registered 康通.公司 so that the domain name plus the extension match the company's name. Remember that two-character Chinese company names are common and so this name is very easy to remember. 康通.公司 redirects to

北京关爱保险经纪有限公司 (Beijing Care & Share Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd) has its bilingual site on The domain name is long and contains a hyphen. 关爱.公司 is well balanced with only 4 characters in total. It redirects to the company's corporate site.

四川阆中清溪服饰有限公司 (Si Chuan Lang Zhong Qing Xi Fu Shi You Xian Gong Si) makes school uniforms. Their site is See the problem in this name? Six letters that do not exactly match the company's name. Again, 清溪服饰.公司 is much simpler and it forwards visitors to

Even some foreign companies such as Amazon gets it. 亚马逊.公司 sends visitors to

Finally, the value of Chinese IDN.IDN is also understood in the educational sector. Peking University, for example, uses 北京大学.网址 to draw visitors to

I hope these examples show you the potential of Chinese IDN.IDN to forward visitors to corporate sites. This is particularly important to smaller companies in China because they can't afford to acquire the easy-to-remember but expensive .com or .cn names. In this case, Chinese IDN.IDN will serve them very well.