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We used to go to a public swimming pool regularly. One day we bought a nearby house thinking that we could just walk across the street whenever we wanted to go swimming. What a big mistake! Right next to the pool is a high school, and in the afternoon the street is full of cars when the moms come to pick up their children. For an hour everyday during the week we could not leave our house because some mothers just parked their cars on our driveway. After a year of suffering, we moved out. Here's the post.

May 14, 2016 (Sat)

Some Long Numeric Domain Names Are Valuable

I generally don't like long numeric domain names. However, in any numeric category I can often find a small number of names that have Chinese meanings. Such meanings allow end user companies to turn the domain names into websites for commercial purposes.

So, just for a little bit of fun, I have extracted from my database some long numeric domain names with Chinese meanings. The meanings are derived from rhyming, i.e. a number sounding like a Chinese character. Please enjoy.

08376你别生气了Please don't get angry
12937一來就想吃You wanted to eat as soon as your arrived.
18588要发我发发Want to be rich; I'm going to be rich
20999爱你久久久Love you for a long time
35925想我就愛我To think of me is to love me
44025谢谢你爱我Thank you for loving me
53770我想亲亲你I want to kiss you
57520吾妻我愛你My wife, I love you
70345請你相信我Please believe me
88856发发发物流Make a fortune in logistics

130926一想你就來啦Just one thought of you and you arrived
131420一生一世爱你I will love you forever
177785要钱钱钱帮我Want money, money, money, please help me!
220225爱爱你爱爱我Love you, love me
584520我发誓我爱你I pledge that I love you
594230我就是愛想你I just like to think of you
745839其實我不想走Actually, I don't want to leave
775885亲亲 我抱抱我Kiss me, hug me
801314伴你一生一世Your companion forever
902535求你爱我想我Please love me and think of me

0564335你無聊時想想我Think of me when you are bored
0654335你若無事想想我If you have nothing to do, think of me
1314527一生一世我爱吃I love to eat forever
1314921一生一世就愛你Love you for a lifetime
1314925一生一世就爱我Love me for a lifetime
2202258爱爱你爱爱我吧I love you pleae love me
3030335想你想你想想我Think of you, think of me
3092099想你就爱你久久Thinking of you makes me want to love you forever
3344520 生生世世我爱你Love you forever
5201314我愛你一生一世I want you for a lifetime

51131420我要一生一世愛你Love you for a lifetime