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May 16, 2016 (Mon)

Long Numeric Domain Name? Ok I'll Give It a Go

After I published a blog post on long numbers last week, a reader wrote and asked me to translate 8886587. Many of our readers know I don't like to translate long numbers. I mean numbers more than 4N. You see, my perspective is always end user companies, and very few Chinese companies would venture beyond 4N.

I wrote that blog post just to show you that almost in everything I can usually find exception, so it is possible to find a long numeric domain name and turn it into a commercial website. But, don't expect all long numbers to have Chinese meanings. In fact, very few have.

Numeric domain names beyond 4N are mostly for speculation, and for speculation the meaning of a domain name becomes not really important. People have come up with all sorts of matrix to evaluate long numbers. For example, numbers without 04 and numbers with patterns (repeating digits, palindromes) are considered more valuable.

Having said that, now let's look at the number I was asked to translate: 8886587.

The first thing I do is to split it into smaller units. In this case, we already know what 888 means so we don't have to translate it.

Now, for 6587, I usually split the number into units of 2 digits because many popular Chinese terms are 2 characters. This means we'll look at 65 and 87 individually.

At this level, I use my database (or you can use the number guide on the 123 page of my website) to look up meanings of 65 and 87. Here's what I found.

65 may mean 乐玩 (fun in play)

87 may mean 发财 (becoming rich) or 百艺 (a hundred skills)

Sine the number starts with 888, I feel "becoming rich" is more appropriate. So, now the whole number can be translated as:

8886587: 发发发乐玩发财 (have fun playing and then becoming rich)

If I want to build a brand for consumers, I'll actually not translate 888 (most Chinese know the meaning already), which now becomes: 888乐玩发财 .

Yes, I know this brand is not a top quality translation, but it is an acceptable translation for a domain name that you don't have to pay a fortune. If you use it to build a betting site or game site that rewards users, then the name is quite appropriate.