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May 18, 2016 (Wed)

Which is the Most Popular Chinese .IDN?

Here's the latest registration numbers I have gathered on Chinese .IDN domain extensions. Let's take a look.

.中国 (China)352,785
.网址 (web address)339,532
.公司 (company)50,441
.在线 (online)36,148
.网络 (network)32,028
.我爱你 (I love you)22,759
.手机 (mobile phone)20,464
.世界 (world)18,481
.中文网 (Chinese net)18,049

The most popular extension is .中国 (China), followed closely by .网址 (web address). My favorite ones .公司 (company) and .世界 (world) do not seem to be much loved.

The small registration numbers also suggest Chinese .IDNs have not become mainstream yet. With so much competition from a large pool of domain extensions, it's not easy for .IDN registries to stand out.

Long term, I still feel there is potential for Chinese IDN.IDN to become an important part of corporate domain strategy. As I have explained before, IDN.IDNs are consumer friendly so can act as labels to send visitors to their corporate websites.

I have also said that I feel .公司 (company) has great potential because these two Chinese characters are already present in the legal names of many companies, and we actually use these two characters when referring to a Chinese company in our conversation. .世界 (world) is also good because it has two meanings: (1) everything about a company, and (2) global operation.

But, this is only my best guess. Like many things in life, performance of Chinese .IDN may turn out to be completely different from what I thought, making domain investment very challenging.

I'll continue to watch this sector and report to you when I get new data. This data has also been added to the Stats page of my website. Please check that page when necessary.