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May 19, 2016 (Thu)

How are com/net/org doing in China?

Have you wondered how well the traditional domain extensions such as com, org, and net are doing in China? I recently found some data on these extensions based on a Chinese news article. Let's look at the numbers.

In China:
ItemNumber% as of .com

ItemNumber% as of .com

As you can see, more than 10 million .com domain names have been registered in China. Compared with the 19 million .cn registrations reported on my Stats page, we can say .com is doing very well. On top of that, it is commonly known that in China .com is first followed by .cn in terms of value and preference especially by Chinese corporations.

In these two tables, I try to compare performance of other extensions against .com. You can see here .net is doing very well in China. At 13% of .com registration, it is higher than the global number of 12%.

.org is not that popular in China with only 4%, against the global number of 9%. This may be due to the meaning of the extension. Interpreting .org => organization (a term unfamiliar to many Chinese) => non-profit is a barrier to wide adoption.

Both .biz and .info are not popular in China. I guess not many people in China know biz is the short form for "business".

Overall, the traditional extensions doing well in China are .com and .net. I hope these comparisons give you an idea on what to buy or sell for the Chinese market.