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May 20, 2016 (Fri)

A good name on .org can sell

中国舞蹈产业发展联盟 (Zhong Guo Wu Dao Chan Ye Fa Zhan Lian Meng) is a Chinese dance industry development alliance. Last year it spent low 6 figures CNY to acquire and the site has gone live.

Why did the dance organization spend a considerable amount of money to purchase a .org domain name? The main reason, as I see it, is that both the domain name and the extension match the nature of the organization.

The name part is WuDao, which means "dance" and matches part of the organization's formal name. The organization was set up for members in the dance industry.

You may notice WuDao is 2-pin, a very popular choice for Chinese companies and organizations. A short, meaningful Chinese name on the .org extension can sell for a good amount of money, as illustrated in this example.

However, while being a good choice, is not a perfect match. The organization's abbreviated name is 中舞联盟 (Zhong Wu Lian Meng). To match this commonly used name, a better domain name may be which, unfortunately, was registered apparently by a person only in March, 2015. does not resolve at the time of this writing.