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May 25, 2016 (Wed)

Explore derivatives of big money words

It works in the same way in China as well as the rest of the world: The best money gets you the best domain names.

This rule also hints at something useful too: that the second best and the third best and so forth may still have value. Such domain names may give hope to end users and opportunity to investors.

One big money word in China is CHE. Che is a single Pinyin word which can refer to more than 60 Chinese characters such as 车 (car), 测 (test), 策 (plan), and 厕 (toilet). The best representation of Che in terms of money potential is 车 (car). China has about 172 millions of cars and this number is poised to increase and Che represents a huge potential.

上海寰新汽车销售有限公司 (Shang Hai Huan Xin Qi Che Xiao Shou You Xian Gong Si) is a car dealer. Few years ago they wanted to start a marketplace for used cars. They named it Che Cheng (车城=car city). To match this name, they also spent reportedly 6 figures CNY to acquire

Last year they went for the best domain name and secured for 22 million CNY. (Currently, redirects to They now own the best domain name in the car industry.

The fact is, there are many entrepreneurs in China who also aspire to become the best in the car industry one day. What could they do if they could not afford to get the best domain name? The answer is derivatives -- adding a prefix or suffix to the word "Che".

A casual search on Baidu proves that many entrepreneurs have done exactly that and turned domain derivatives into operating websites such as,,,,,,,,,, and

Here's the idea for domain investment. If end users are willing to acquire domain derivatives of "che", that also means the derivatives have value. A good example is the recent purchase of by a domain investor for mid 5 figures CNY.

If this observation is correct, then domain investors can learn from it and find derivatives for other big money words in China. Some words that come to my mind are Fang (房=house), Dai (贷=loan), and Mei (美=beauty).