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May 27, 2016 (Fri)

Chinese companies love short domain names

A reader raised a good point on car-related Chinese domain names. He (or she) said that 汽车 (Qiche=gas-driven car) is better than 车 (Che=car) because the former gets about 3 times of daily searches on Baidu than the latter.

That's interesting. Does it also imply would be better and so more valuable than (This also reminds me of a discussion some time ago on the Internet about whether is better than )

I did some searches using Baidu news and found the following recent sales of car-related domain names. (22m CNY, 2016) (13m, 2015) (车友=car fan, 16m, 2015) (好车=good car, 10m, 2015) (跑车=sports car, 1m, 2016)

The shorter 1-pin was sold for much more than the price of the 2-pin This leads to my speculation that Chinese companies want to go for the shortest possible domain names, and 1-pin .com names are considered the best of the best. Chinese companies are willing to pay a fortune for such prestige.

Two examples are still fresh in my mind.

乐视 (Le TV) is the largest online video company in China. They used to operate their corporate site on, which is a perfect match for the company name. Nonetheless, they bought last year for reportedly 10m USD and became the talk of the town when they upgraded their corporate site to early this year.

京东 (Jing Dong) is famous for their Jingdong Mall. They own but their corporate website is which they acquired in 2012 for about 5m USD.

So, it seems to me that Chinese companies prefer short domain names on .com.