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May 28, 2016 (Sat)

Top 10 .top sites in Baidu search

The rise of .top is stunning. In less than 2 years it has captured over 2 millions of registrations, making it the second best selling new domain extension after .xyz. The .top registry is run by Jiangsu Bangning Group and registrants can obtain ICP license to operate their website in China. So, I decided to use Baidu to search for .top sites, study the first 10 companies listed, and see if I could learn something from it. Here's the list.

This site has no Chinese name. It provides news and information about domain names, and even has a forum for domain discussion. Similar domain name is parked.

Site name is 顶级飞机游艇 (meaning top class planes and yachts). This site is all about expensive planes and yachts, and is run by an advertising agency in Shenzhen. is an operating website in Spanish.

Site name is 讯网 (information net). This site offers domain name registration, website hosting, cloud services, etc. is owned by an electronics company based in China.

It is a fully functional site run by the .top registry. Both Chinese and English contents are available so this is the place if you want to know more about the .top extension. is a site with little information and most likely not related to

Site name is 国际域名网 (international domain net). You can register domain names on both traditional extensions (such as .com) and new extensions (such as .公司). The site also provides web hosting, email, and other services. was registered only in September, 2015 and is a marketplace for buying and selling domain names.

Site name is 五洲互联 (five continents interconnected). This site offers domain registration and other website building services. is parked.

Site name is 2A影吧 (2A video bar). It provides videos and TV shows from China and other parts of the world. The domain name is not easy to remember because it is a mix of number, letter, and acronym (for two Pinyin words). is still available at the time of this writing.

Site name is 鸿阳网络 (Hong Yang network). It looks like a serious company offering Internet development services. The name 3017 does not seem to have any Chinese meaning, except that it is the last 4 digits of the company's telephone number. is still available as of this writing.

Site name is 互易中国 (mutual exchange China). The site offers domain registration, web hosting, and cloud services. is still available as of this writing.

10. has only a landing page offering the domain name for sale. is still available as of this writing.

Let's see what I can learn from this exercise.
  • Most of the names are very short, suggesting that we too should focus on short domain names if intended for China (now that there are so many choices).
  • The company names and domain names do not have close match, which in my opinion is not helping Chinese consumers to remember their names.
  • The companies are not concerned with brand protection by securing also their .com domain name. In fact, four of the top ten sites don't even bother with registering their .com which are still available.
  • Most puzzling to me is the video site As explained, 2ays is a complicated name. Why did they go for a difficult name when there are many choices on this new extension?
  • Except for 2ays, all of the operating sites cater only to a limited size of audience who may be able to recognize the .top extension. If a website is intended for the general consumers in China, I'm not sure .top will work well. In my opinion, .com is still the preferred extension if you are targeting the gereral consumers in China.