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June 1, 2016 (Wed)

Dudu is not smelly but lovely in China

The problem with language is that the same word may have a completely different meaning when you put it to another culture.

An example is the word "dudu". In the US it refers to what your dog leaves on the lawn, but in China it projects a very positive image.

Dudu is the Pinyin word for 嘟嘟, which does not seem to have a fixed meaning according to my Baidu search. Generally speaking, it refers to people or things that are cute.

For example, Dudu is the name of a child actor famous on TV and in movies. It is also the name of a homeless girl in a computer-animated adventure film. If you like games, you can download the Dudu software for better communication. Finally, Dudu is an old, singing dog who helped his master shine at a China's Got Talent show.

In domain names, Dudu has been used in a very positive way too. Let's look at some examples. (嘟嘟牛商户中) offers payment/billing services for Internet-based companies. Dudu's logo is a cow. The company's global presence has reached Singapore and Macau. (淘嘟嘟) develops GPS positioning technologies for children. Its innovative smart watch products enable parents to quickly identify the location of their children and also talk with them. (嘟嘟魔域) is a game about the Dudu Magic Land. The game has been around for 10 years with 60 millions of players. Players encounter adventure, battle, hero, beauty, zombies, justice fighting evil, and even Dudu eggs. (嘟嘟智能) develops smart products for cars, such as intelligent rear mirrors, smart GPS, self-diagnosis, and protection against theft. Car information can be checked on a smart phone.

What can we learn from this story? If you own a domain name which has a negative connotation in your culture, check out its use in the Chinese culture before discounting its value. The name may turn out to be popular in China. To find out this information, research is the key.