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When I lead a game at a party, I can never tell whether the game will be successful so that everyone enjoys. When the same game is played with a different group, the result can be totally different. Is it the composition of the group? Can it the weather of the particular day? Sometimes one individual can change the whole atmosphere. Here's the post.

June 9, 2016 (Thu)

A domain upgrade exercise for this Chinese company

This company recently upgraded its domain name -- but from one difficult name to another one, in my opinion. 易房网 (Yi Fang Wang) is an online real estate service operated by a Qingdao-based company founded in 2009. (BTW, Qingdao city is well known for its beer.) The name means "a website making it easy to find houses," which is a suitable name to help users find commercial or residential properties in the Qingdao area.

The service was available on, but this domain name is probably a bad choice because:

- eFang is not an exact match of the service name. 'e' rhymes with Yi and therefore is used instead of Yi in this case. Also, "wang' is missing from the domain name.

- .tv is not a mainstream extension in corporate China and .tv is not appropriate in this case because the service contents do not seem to have any video component.

So, the company decided to upgrade the domain name and recently switched to now redirects to While the YiFang part is good, the "5" part posts a new challenge. I can understand that the company thinks 5 is good because it rhymes with "wang".

The difficulty is, when consumers hear the service name, they are more likely to go to than Traffic leakage is the problem. So I thought: what would I choose if I were the CEO of this company?

If money is not an issue, my first choice would be The name is simple and .com gives you instant credibility in China. YFW is an exact match acronym for Yi Fang Wang. The Whois record of indicates it's available for purchase.

If is too expensive, my next choice would be It's not golden but still gives me a solid ground to build my business if I don't intend to go global. Luckily, is available for sale on

Although is 3-pin, its length is acceptable and therefore a decent choice. The domain name was registered in 2011 but currently not used, so it may be available for purchase. The Whois records has the contact details. has a BIN price of $632.5 USD on domain trading platform. At this price, it is certainly affordable. These four choices are good in my opinion. How about you? What other domain names would you suggest?