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Whenever I visit the dragon city, I always try to ride the Star Ferry and the tram. They are old and slow, yet they are part of the dragon culture I grew up with. When crossing the Victoria Harbour on Star Ferry, I always choose the lower deck so that I can enjoy the salty air from the sea. The city has changed a lot, but the memory of it remains the same. Here's the post.

June 10, 2016 (Fri)

A simple tip to find potential Chinese buyers

A domain investor recently sent me a list of Pinyin .com names and asked me to find buyers for him. Unfortunately, I'm not a broker so I can't help much in this case. However, here's a simple tip that you can try and find potential buyers. I'll use which I talked about in yesterday's blog post as an example. Say you own this domain name. This is how to do it.

1. Enter YFW into search.

2. Ignore all Chinese texts if you can't read them. Instead, focus on the URL part and find domain names related to YFW. In my exercise, I found the following domain names after browsing 3 pages of the result:

I'll also add

3. Then, use to find the email addresses of the domain names. In my example, I checked and found that the service covers .hk, .cc, and .cn as well.

4. For .cn, you can also use the following URL to check their Chinese Whois records.


Then look for the line starting with: 注册者联系人电子邮件. This line contains the email of the registrant. I hope this information is useful to you. If you have any question or comment, please use the link in my newsletter to write me.