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June 21, 2016 (Tue)

Will you invest in .ee after reading these arguments?

I find TLD promoters in China very creative. They can take a plain looking domain extension and stretch their imagination to try to turn it into a pot of gold. Whether it's true gold or not, I don't know. But, it sure makes domain investment very colorful. One interesting extension that caught my attention lately is .ee. This extension belongs to Estonia, a country of 1.3 million population.

I like Estonia. Despite its small size, the country has great leadership and high income. President Ilves is very Internet savvy and the country is full of entrepreneurs. For example, Skype was invented in Estonia. The Internet has become part of the country's social fabric. Cost to register/renew .ee domain names is affordable -- at about 50 CNY or less than $8.

The .ee country extension is now being promoted in China with the following features.

.ee is Internet+ (Internet Plus). The first "e" means Internet, as this letter has long been used as prefix of names related to Internet products or services such as The second "e" is an additional letter, so it resonates with "+". Together, .ee matches the Internet+ initiative being promoted by the Chinese government to encourage traditional Chinese industries to go online. So, .ee is riding the boom of offline-going-online businesses in China.

.ee is for VR (virtual reality). If you look at the word "eye", you'll see a pair of eyes with the nose sitting between them. So, "ee" are the eyes. VR is all about your eyes seeing the virtual world, so .ee is for VR and .ee domain names can therefore be used to capitalize on this very hot industry.
Finally, the letters "ee" are simple. They look smooth, stable, and beautiful, making domain names on this extension very easy to remember. Because .ee is also a country extension, Chinese companies can easily obtain the necessary ICP license to operate their .ee website. As mainstream extensions are short in supply, new extensions such as .ee give users the opportunity to find the perfect match for their corporate brand.

Well, that's the pitch. Will it become a pot of gold? It's possible but not easy. The key is marketing, as proven by .co after it was repositioned from ccTLD (Columbia) to gTLD to mean "company". If the .ee registry is willing to invest a lot in marketing, then .ee has a chance to gain popularity. Unlike .me and .tv, .ee does not lend itself to natural growth purely based on the meaning of its extension. Therefore, caution is required when considering investment in this domain extension.