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As soon as I landed in the lonestar state, my professor took me to a football game to help me experience their culture. When I told him I knew nothing about the rules, he said, "Just pick any team and join the fans of that team." I did and had a wonderful time. Since then, his words have remained with me and apply to many parts of my life too. To enjoy the game, you must become involved. Here's the post.

June 22, 2016 (Wed)

I just love this NN+English domain name

I have already written about NN+English domain names in my June 13 and 14 posts, but I just couldn't resist it when I came across a good one in the news. 16Wifi is a free public wifi service for commuters riding bus, train, or other public transport. During the 43-minute average ride, commuters can read news, buy products, chat with friends, and enjoy many other Internet services.

The service was launched in 2013 by a Beijing-based startup. Currently, the service is available in Beijing, Shanghai, and 20 more major cities. The company has received massive funding to help it cover the whole China within 3 years, serving 500 million daily connections. The business model is based on advertising and content partnership.

The official website for the service is At a glance, the domain name looks quite plain. However, upon further research, I found out that it is actually a good brand.

Now, what is a brand? A brand is a short, meaningful, and easy-to-remember name that consumers can associate with a product or service. By my definition, then, 16Wifi is a brand too. 16 rhymes with 一路 (the whole journey), so the name means that your wifi connection will always be available during the whole journey to school or office. For the commuters, they'll remember the domain name the first time they use the service. was registered in 2013, the same year the service was launched, so very likely they acquired the domain name for a few dollars only. Now stop for a moment and think about it. A potentially billion dollar company was built on a $10 domain name! This shows us that we are still in the early stage of the Internet and its societal impact is yet to be felt. (Compare it with cars, the societal impact of which did not come until 1950s, decades after people started driving cars.)

In other words, we can still find good domain names at very low cost and .com domain names have not dried up yet. What we need is the ability to research and think creatively.

What other NN numbers are good in China? I think the best one may be 51. This is because 51 rhymes with 我要 (I want), which is perfect for the "I want" consumer generation. Here are few more numbers I have included for your study.

00你你You you
11易易Easy easy
22爱爱Love love
33想想Think think
77去去Go go
99久久For a long time

Some of you may be wondering that if is good, would there be opportunity in other Well, I had the same question too, so I checked all NN+wifi .com from 00 to 99 and I think they have all been registered. Out of the 100 domain names, only 8 have been developed into websites:,,,,,,, and Apart from 16wifi, only 66wifi makes sense as it means 路路 (all paths).

I have not checked NN+wifi on other extensions. Anyway, I think such domain names have limited use. The focus in this post is not on the term "wifi", but that with creativity we can come up with excellent names. (Final note: On my PC, Firefox erroneously labels as attack page. Edge, for example, works just fine.)