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June 24, 2016 (Fri)

How is .org being used in China?

While .com is king in China, sometimes I wonder what's happening to .org. In the west, .org has a distinctive identity as a domain extension for non-profit organizations. In China, it is still a question mark. I'm not sure many Chinese can understand the meaning of .org with its low visibility. Translating "org" to "organization" to "non-profit organization" is probably not an easy task for most non English speakers in China.

Just to satisfy my own curiosity, today I went to Baidu and did a search by entering "site:org" into the box. Surprised! I actually found a lot of pages of Chinese .org websites to browse, so definitely this extension is used in China.

One name that came up on many pages is As a government organization, why would they not use the extension? They do, and the main site is, which provides links to district courts using subdomains of such as for Beijing District Court.

For my casual survey, I looked at the first 20 search results and then checked the content of each of the .org websites. Interestingly, I found only 45% of them are of non-profit nature, the rest being commercial operations. The top three listings are all run by businesses, as follows: (佳人=beautiful women) publishes news and other topics of interest to women. It makes money via affiliate links to an ecommerce site. (批改网=mark your homework) helps Chinese students improve their English. The company sells hardware and services. The third one is (淘宝网=treasure hunting), which redirects to, a popular ecommerce site owned by Alibaba.

My casual survey tells me .org is used in China and significantly for commercial purposes. Perhaps Chinese companies are not aware of the non-profit nature of .org, so they are willing to build commercial sites using this extension. In this respect, short, meaningful, and easy-to-remember .org names may have potential in China.