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The name Jesse Livermore popped up when I was talking with a friend recently. Livermore published his biography "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" in 1923, which is a must-read for anyone interested in stock speculating. Livermore became legendary when he made a fortune during the Crash of '29. Some of the wisdom in the book still apply today: for example, studying the market and understanding the big trend. Here's the post.

July 11, 2016 (Mon)

Best Chinese brands and their domain names

While researching to write the post on, I read about the World Brand Summit held in Beijing last month. During the conference, a list of the 500 most valuable Chinese brands was released to the news. Naturally, my attention was drawn to the domain names these brands use.

So, I used Baidu to find out the domain names of the best ten Chinese brands. I also checked their establishment dates to see if that would affect their domain awareness. Here is what I've found.

RankBrandFoundedDomain Name
1State Grid (国家电网) | -
2Tencent (腾讯) |
3ICBC (工商银行) | -
4China Life (中国人寿) | -
5Haier (海尔) |
6Huawei (华为) |
7Sinochem (中化)1950- |
9FAW (中国一汽) |
10China Mobile (中国移动) |

First, the establishment date of a brand does not seem to affect the company's domain awareness. For example, CCTV was founded in 1958 but still has secured its matching names on both .cn and .com. Overall, most of these ten brands own both. I was curious about whether these brands are interested in using other extensions. So, I entered each of the brands in Chinese into Baidu and checked the first 50 search results. I found only two brands using additional extensions: China Life with .hk and Haier with .net.

Therefore, we can see that .cn and .com are the only two mainstream extensions in China and no other extensions are near. Also, the three internet companies in the brands -- Tencent, Huawei, and China Mobile -- are all aware of the importance of domain names and have all acquired their matching names on both .cn and .com.

Unfortunately, the best brand in China does not own their name on .com. belongs to inspection service provider Tiama. The good news is, SGCC may be able to acquire because Tiama is operating on The brand on this list that is least aware of the importance of domain name is ICBC: they don't and

In conclusion, top brands in China prefer .cn and .com, so if you are targeting end user companies in China, stick to these two extensions.