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Sometimes I wonder if children in affluent societies are actually less happy than those living in poor countries. I'm saying this from my own experience. One of the games I played as a boy was throwing small sand bags I made from discarded clothes and free sand. There was much fun to see who could throw their sand bag the furthest. Children playing with games they bought do not have this additional joy of creation. Here's the post.

July 14, 2016 (Thu)

"e" is a blessing in disguise

Some investors hesitate to invest in Chinese domain names containing aeiouv because of the general dislike for these letters. However, when it comes to investment, I think we should be flexible and judge each domain name on its own merits. In some cases, "e" is actually a blessing. This is particularly true when "e" is placed at the beginning of a domain name. In this post, I'll look at four cases where "e" is very useful.

1. Where "e" means "easy"
"e" rhymes with the Chinese character 易 (easy). In today's instant society, we want easy education, easy job, easy money, and so on. "e" domain names tap into this consumer desire. For example, Chinese registrar eName uses this meaning in their name. eName translates to 易名 (easy names), which is a perfect message to send to their customers! (Note: Tracy Fogarty of eNaming may be pleasantly surprised if she decides to translate her company name to Chinese: 易命名 (easy naming). This Chinese name acts like a billboard her customers can easily understand.)

2. Where "e" means "one"
"e" also rhymes with the Chinese character 壹 (meaning "one"). For example, makes small water containers such as vacuum flasks and water bottles. The name translates to 壹加加 (meaning "one plus plus"), which gives us an image of doing more, extra value, etc.

3. Where "e" means "hundreds of millions"
"e" also rhymes with the Chinese character 亿 (meaning "hundreds of millions"). For example, helps stock investors understand the many aspects of stock investment. The name translates to 亿点通 (hundreds of million points that can be passed through, or being versed in hundreds of million areas of something), which is very appropriate for the services offered.

4. Where "e" suggests "the internet"
This may have been the result of popular use of "e" in the early days of the internet. We've seen names such as eMail, eBay, eBook, eCommerce, and eLearning. When consumers see a domain name beginning with an "e", they may associate it with an internet-related business. For example, e修哥 (eXiuGe) is a marketplace for repairmen and home owners. The company name literally means "brother repairs" and the "e" indicates it's an internet business. Their website uses the exact name

I hope this post has helped you avoid sticking to any fixed view, but try to study each domain name and value it on its merits.