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Recently, I was excited to find a very old Chinese movie on Youtube. It's about an evil Kung Fu master turning one of his feet into a giant weapon to squash his enemy. When I saw the movie the first time as a child, I thought his foot was as big as the sky and no one could escape from his reach. This time, when I saw the movie again as an adult, I almost laughed at how small his foot really is. Isn't it the same when we look at a problem? It's only a matter of perspective. Here's the post.

July 15, 2016 (Fri)

Domain names preferred by the next generation of Chinese entrepreneurs (1)

Internet companies are the new leaders. Whatever they do, the rest of the corporate world tend to follow. So it is important to study the preference of these companies. For domain investors, this information will help make better investment decisions.

There is a thinking called "the next generation" circulating in the domain industry. It goes like this: the next generation of entrepreneurs are not tied to the old thinking when it comes to picking a domain name for their business. They don't have that dogmatic view of ".com is king". They want cool names and are not afraid to try new domain extensions.

Well, the recent release of the 2016 Top 300 New Internet Companies list provides an excellent opportunity for us to study their behavior. Are they really different? Are they willing to use new extensions? I spent some time to go through the whole list and grouped the domain names by extensions, and here is the result.


The results speaks for itself: the trend remains the same and .com is still king. It commands 76% of the new internet startups in China. Interestingly, this number is similar to the results of new startup surveys regularly conducted by Doron Vermaat on

.cn runs a distant second at 16% only. Why? I think it has to do with the very nature of the internet, which is a global network of customers, suppliers, payment facilitators, and shippers. If you have a good idea, you can easily find your customers, receive order and payment, locate a manufacturer to make the goods, and then have the goods shipped to the customers -- all done via the internet. It's that easy, and that's why even a small startup can aspire to become a global player. For them, there is only one extension that means "global" and is globally recognized: dot com.

The surprise is actually .cc being in the 3rd place ahead of the well-established .net. While .cc is actually the extension of the tiny country Cocos Islands located in the Indian Ocean, in China it is also promoted to mean "Chinese Companies". However, it appears that .cc is not part of any meaning in the domain names used by the startups.

Finally, there is only one startup willing to use a new extension: .top. Other extensions also used are: me(3), tv(2), nr(1), kr(1), and unknown(7). This concludes today's analysis of the list where we focus on the extension. Tomorrow we'll look at the name part of the domain names used by the startups. The complete list is available in Chinese from