Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

How many of our male readers enjoy doing household chores such as making bed, ironing clothes, and washing dishes by hand? My Eureka moment came when I realized that it's the only time I would not be interrupted. I could use this precious moment to listen to podcasts or do my own thinking. Here's a helpful quote I like: Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. Here's the post.

July 23, 2016 (Sat)

At the garbage dump #1

Domain names drop everyday. Among them, I like 4-character .com because they are short. China has shown us that short is good, and this trend will certainly repeat in domain markets around the world.

Do these expired domain names have values? Probably not immediately but they will be long term as demand for short names increases. Because they are risky, I must control my urge and pick up only a few, leaving behind many interesting ones. For example, I studied but did not register the following domain names in the past week as they dropped.
GQ may mean 感情 (feeling), 歌曲 (songs), or 钢琴 (piano). 10 rhymes with 要你 (want you) or 要赢 (want to win).
WL may mean 物流 (logistics), 网络 (network), or 未来 (future). 40 rhymes with 死赢 (win to death).
QM may mean 抢米 (grab rice= drop catching). 32 rhymes with 相爱 (love each other).
JN may mean 技能 (skills), or 金牛 (golden cow). 81 rhymes with 伴游 (accompany someone to travel) or 翻译 (translate).
PX may mean 培训 (training), 皮鞋 (shoes), or 飘香 (lingering fragrance). 34 rhymes with 绅士 (gentleman).
45 rhymes with 是我 (it's me) or 私物 (personal belongings). JD may mean 酒店 (hotel) or 金蝶 (golden butterfly).
GX may mean 个性 (personality) or 教学 (teaching and learn). 67 rhymes with 乐趣 (fun). (华全) is a power generation company. Domain name matches part of company name. is the Chinese site of The University of Exeter. is a music site. SY may mean 沈阳 (Shen Yang) or 速运 (speedy delivery). 57 rhymes with 玩钱 (play with money).

Are what I have picked up worth more than what I have left behind? Not necessary. The story of is a constant reminder to me that a seemingly undesirable domain name may be worth 20 or 200 times more than its better counterparts. One thing I do want to emphasize: I spend what I can afford to lose, and I hope that you do the same too.