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I saw a documentary about Australia's immigration history a while ago. Up until the early 70s they had an All While policy in place. At first, white British immigrants were preferred. As the number dwindled, they even had a 75% White policy. How did it work? Imagine you are being interviewed by an immigration officer across the table. He looks at your face, examines your hair, and checks your eyes. He thinks for a few minutes, and then writes down a number on your application form: 80%. Now, are you white or not? Here's the post.

July 30, 2016 (Sat)

At the garbage dump #2

Ripple effect is one idea I learned in real estate investment that applies very well in domain investment. Like a stone which, when dropped in a pond, creates ripples that travel outward, property prices rise starting from the city center and then spreading to the neighboring suburbs. Savvy investors start buying in these suburbs before the ripple of price growth hits them. Underlying this price growth is usually increasing demand due to population growth.

Domain investment is similar. Price growth travels outward from one character to 2 characters, and then 3 characters. Now that every 4L is worth something, 4C becomes the next choice. That's why I stand at the garbage dump almost everyday trying to pick up some 4C domain names with potential, hoping the wave will eventually cover this category and raise its value. Here are some domain names that dropped in the last week.
KY may mean 快运 (quick transport) and 45 rhymes with 事务 (work).
50 rhymes with 我你 (me & you) and QM may mean 清明 (clear and bright).
30 rhymes with 想赢 (want to win) and TN may mean 途牛 (cow on the way).
70 rhymes with 亲你 (kiss you) and QX may mean 千笑 (thousand smiles).
40 rhymes with 死赢 (win to death) and WT may mean 微投 (small investment).
Ti is 1-pin which means 提 (lift) and 45 rhymes with 食物 (food).
49 rhymes with 试酒 (taste wine) and PZ may mean 品质 (quality).

I don't know if these domain names are still available to register. Be sure to do your own research and make your own decision before registering any of the domain names. Do not follow me because I may be totally wrong.