Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

In my first job I was sent to be stationed in Taiwan. One week after my arrival, I was given my first assignment: collecting unpaid invoice from a cosmetic company. It was a large amount of money overdue for 6 months. Why hadn't my professors taught me how to collect debts? Came Monday morning. I had no choice. I took the 2-hour train ride, arrived at the company, and asked to see the general manager. The secretary said he was away on a long business trip! What could I do? If I left right now, my career future would be grim. Minutes later I found myself sitting in a chair in front of the general manager's office, obviously upsetting the secretary. I waited, and waited, and waited. An hour passed. The secretary went into the office. When she came out, she handed me a check for the unpaid amount. I was overjoyed and also learned a lesson not taught in business school — persistence! Here's the post.

August 6, 2016 (Sat)

At the garbage dump #3

It is true — One man's trash is another man's treasure. We used to have an bi-yearly inorganic collection to throw away unneeded junks. Before the local council's garbage truck arrived, treasure hunters would drive around the streets and pick up items which were unwanted but still valuable. It's the same at the domain garbage dump. Most names are worthless, but one or two may still have some value. Treasure hunting is exciting indeed!

Starting next week, I'll monitor the number of 4C .com names dropped everyday. Over time we'll be able to see the trend. Hopefully, this analysis will stop one day — meaning no more 4C .com are dropped so that every name will be valuable.

Daily drop of 4C .com in this past week was between 150 and 200. Today the number was only 40. Here are some interesting names available during the week but may be gone now.
ND may mean 你的 (your) and 35 rhymes with 商务 (business affair).
GB may mean 个别 (individual) and 74 rhymes with 奇事 (strange event).
30 rhymes with 想赢 (want to win) and HD may mean 回答 (reply).
38 rhymes with 想法 (idea) and RH may mean 任何 (any).
QT may mean 前途 (future prospect) and 34 rhymes with 绅士 (gentleman).
WU is 1-pin which may mean 物 (thing) and 70 rhymes with 亲你 (kiss you).

Be sure to do your own research and make your own decision before registering any of the domain names. Do not follow me because I may be totally wrong.