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When I went to study in the lone star state, I was given a scholarship which included $500 of credit per semester at the campus bookstore. No matter how I tried, I could only use up half of it. So I went around, collected titles of books my friends needed, then got the books from the bookstore on their behalf. My friends got their books and I cashed out the credit. At the end of the term, I also sold the books I used during the semester, thus putting most the $500 credit in my pocket. Then I realized money is really part of the Chinese culture. Here's the post.

August 13, 2016 (Sat)

At the garbage dump #4

If you plan to focus on the Chinese domain market, I highly recommend that you remember the Chinese saying 好事成双 (good things come in pairs). It explains why so many Chinese company names have two Chinese characters. In my study of the 2016 Top 300 New Internet Companies in China -- which you can read in my July 15 post -- I found 2-pin domain names are most popular. When two Chinese characters or 2-pin names are expressed in acronyms, they become LL. That's why I like LLNN among all 4C domain names. Chinese really like things in pairs!

Howie Crosby found a similar result when he recently did a very detailed study entitled "Study Of 4C Chinese Domain Names That Are Making An Entrance In The Marketplacel. He noticed that "when the data is isolated to China Whois, LLNN is by far the highest in mean price." His observation parallels my study too.

I just started tracking the daily drops of 4C .com. The numbers in the past 7 days beginning Sunday were: 116, 135, 182, 142, 127, 241, and 251. So the average daily drop was 171. I'll use this number for week-to-week comparison in the future. I want to see if there is any trend. Below are some interesting domain names dropped in the past seven days.
PH may mean 票号 (ticket number) and 45 rhymes with 事务 (work).
50 rhymes with 我你 (me & you) and GD may mean 广东 (Guangdong).
X may mean 戏 (game) and 425 rhymes with 死爱玩 (really love to play).
A rhymes with 爱 (love) and 860 with 帮了你 (help you).
E rhymes with 易 (easy) and 449 with 试试酒 (try wine).
GQ may mean 感情 (feeling) and 40 rhymes with 试你 (test you).
O may mean 噢 (Oh!) and 814 rhymes with 发一世 (make a fortune in whole life).

Be sure to do your own research and make your own decision before registering any of the domain names. Do not follow me because I may be totally wrong.