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Talking about nicknames, did you know Elliot Silver has one too? Yes, 雄马 (stallion) is his nickname, and I hope he'll become a strong force in the Chinese domain industry. As for me, I have had many nicknames in my life. Years ago in my first job, there were two Lee's in the office, so I was called 小李 (young Lee) and our old accountant 老李 (old Lee). Recently an old Chinese lady started calling me 小李 (young Lee), despite my protest that I have grown much much older! Next time I'd better pick a nickname which does not change over time! Here's the post.

August 20, 2016 (Sat)

At the garbage dump #5

I don't understand why many domain investors ask me to appraise their domain names. I often decline because I honestly don't know their values. The difficulty of judging the value of a domain name was illustrated to me when was sold a few years ago. Many investors may think the name is not desirable because it means something your dog leaves on the lawn. What would have been the appraised value for Most likely 4 figures, or 5 figures at most. The domain name actually went for $1 million.

The same can be said about domain names discarded at the garbage dump. Most are obviously worthless, but one or two may have some value. However, you need persistence and research to uncover them. You also need to enjoy the process, which I do.

The numbers in the past 7 days beginning Sunday were: 195, 153, 130, 127, 167, 161, and 136. So the average daily drop was 153 (171 previous week).
KX may mean 开心 (happy) and 94 rhymes with 酒師 (sommelier).
MD may mean 牡丹 (peony) and 41 rhymes with 司仪 (master of ceremonies).
MI is Pinyin which may mean 米 (rice, or domain name), and 79 rhymes with 去购 (go to buy).
40 rhymes with 试你 (test you) and ZB may mean 珠宝 (jewels).
M may mean 美 (beauty) and 479 rhymes with 试奇酒 (try unusual wine)
60 rhymes with 念你 (think of you) and MK may mean 门口 (entrance door).
60 rhymes with 乐你 (fun with you) and RP may mean 乳品 (milk product).

Be sure to do your own research and make your own decision before registering any of the domain names. Do not follow me because I may be totally wrong.