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I don't quite like the winter season in the sail city because the weather is unstable. After few days of heavy rain and gusty wind, the sun finally came out this morning. We went for a walk after breakfast and were delighted to see a small change in the street, all thanks to the Taiwan cherry trees which flower in the winter. The native Tui birds are having a feast. As they suck the nectar, the red flowers drop onto the ground. From a distance, the thick flower layers look like red carpets laid on the street. Maybe the birds are welcoming us as their VIP guests. What a nice walk! Here's the post.

August 26, 2016 (Fri)

A few domain lessons from Teacher Li

A global survey in 2013 placed teachers in China at the highest level of public respect. This I agree, as I always consider those who have taught me as "once a teacher always a teacher." So, if you are given "teacher" as your nickname, it is a great honor and carries tremendous respect.

Bo Ming LI (李柏明) or nicknamed Teacher Li is such a person. His vast experience in the domain industry has earned him the respect he deserves. He was there when the first batch of domain extensions including .com were released to the public in 1985. Li started registering domain names in the 1990s and he is considered one of the earliest domain investors in China. Today, he still owns many single letter names such as,, and His collection also includes many excellent 2-pin names such as (建设=construction) and (南方=south).

Li considers domain name an important asset of any corporation. It can bring excellent promotional effect and save large amount of advertising expenses. That's why investors love 2L and 2N because end users are willing to spend millions to acquire this type of domain names.

The teacher also sees domain name indispensable because it acts as the address plaque (门牌号) of your store on the internet, and the internet connects you to the world. He most admires Jack Ma for his contribution to the domain industry by choosing a household name for his company with a matching domain name.

Here are some lessons we can learn from Teacher Li.

Domain name is a brand, so it must use common words that consumers are familiar with, for example (汽车=car) and

Domain names must be short, easy to understand and remember. They should also match the brand name, for example (百度) and (京东).

.com and .cn will remain as mainstream but some new extensions that make sense will succeed. Among the new extensions, he likes .club, .bank, .one, .top, and .xin.

He does not like bulk trading because the chance of its success is slim.

Finally, he thinks the domain industry in China has grown to a stage where it is now attracting attention from the world. He believes this trend will continue.