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The other day I was out driving. When I came to the traffic lights, I was puzzled by the behavior of the drivers. There were two lanes in front the traffic lights. One had more than 10 cars and the other only 2 cars waiting for the green light. I naturally chose the shorter lane. People say drivers are impatient. If so, why didn't some of them choose a shorter lane so that they could get to their destination faster? Why wouldn't someone take advantage of this obvious opportunity? In the same way, can we expect to see the same behavior of the crowd in other areas of life such as business and investment? Here's the post.

August 27, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #1

Even though I write a lot about .com and .cn in the Chinese domain market, this does not mean that I don't like the new extensions. In fact, I think some of them -- such as .club, .news, and .app -- are valuable when applied appropriately.

A good use of the new extensions is in consumer marketing. Today, many corporate websites have grown to become too complex. There is a lot of information on the websites and consumers may find it difficult to navigate to the desired location. A new extension can serve as a shortcut to this location.

For example, is a huge corporate website. Naturally, it contains a lot of information. In this case, you can use to point to its customer loyalty club page, to its news page, and to its apps download page.

I plan to write about the new extensions once a week. I'll look at the top 10 as reported by, and see how China is doing. I'll also try to include news related to these extensions. So, to start with, below is the 10 new extensions reported today on As you can see, China dominates most of the extensions.