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After Julius Yego won the All Africa Games in 2011, journalists asked him for the name of his coach, he replied: YouTube! That's my experience too, and I have been using YouTube for study and research. It is really the best 'university' in the world. Whatever I need to learn, I go to it first. I have learned how to fix my lawn mower, design a website, and find games for parties. Almost everything you need can be found on YouTube -- and they are all free! Here's the post.

September 1, 2016 (Thu)

How are Chinese .IDN extensions doing?

I like Chinese IDN.IDN domain names because they match Chinese habit of remembering names as Chinese characters. These domain names can serve merely as labels used in consumer marketing to send visitors to corporate websites. For example, 康通.公司 (KangTong.Company) redirects to, the company's main website.

Among the many Chinese IDN extensions, I particularly like .公司 (company) because these two characters are already present in the legal names of many companies. A name such as 百度.公司 (Baidu.Company) is easy for consumers to remember. To find out how Chinese .IDN extensions are doing, I checked their registration numbers using, as follows:

RankIDNRegistrations (web address)271,863 (business organisation)48,895 (knowledge)36,841 (world)32,405 (network)31,094 (i love you)23,551 (online)14,580 (website)12,436 (mall)12,227 (mobile)8,382 (trademark)6,886 (corporate group)1,000 (org)257 (guangdong)127 (foshan)111

Note that .中国 (China) was launched in 2010 and therefore not included in the list of new extensions monitored by As you can see, .网址 (web address) is the only extension with decent registrations. Unfortunately, my favorite extension .公司(company) is going backward. Its registration number was 49,293 in February, then 49,138 in March, and 48,895 now. Overall, this whole category is not performing well. It may be a long way for Chinese IDN.IDN domain names to be widely adopted by corporate China.