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I was probably seven or eight years old. At a Chinese new year gathering, I played a game with several children using real money we received from our parents. I was too good at the game and took away all their money. When sadness showed up on all their faces, right there I learned a lesson about life: happiness is not about winner-take-all; it's about sharing with your friends. Soon I found myself losing the game but winning the smiles on my friends. Here's the post.

September 3, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #2

Two NewG news stories in this past week were interesting. One was the the .xyz domain name auction held by In the auction, dozens of 3N, 3L, 4N, and 4L domain names were sold, giving a total sale of $30k (198k yuan). The highest price was achieved by at $3k (21k yuan). 181 rhymes with 要不要 (want it or not?). This indicates .xyz has a market in China, but they are limited to very short numbers or letters.

The other news was the good start of the .shop extension, breaking the record set by .london for the most sunrise registrations. .london had 799 sunrise registrations but .shop managed to score 1182. The first .shop site has also gone live at ePages is a Hamburg-based global company which provides cloud solutions for running online shop. More than 80,000 worldwide online shops are based on ePages. So, getting a stamp of approval from ePages is a big win for the .shop registry.

Even though .shop is a Japanese company, its business appears to be more focused on China. CEO Hiroya Tsukahara was the only domain registry executive invited to the roundtable discussion at Alibaba-organized The Computing Conference held in Beijing August 8 and 9. It also worked with Alibaba to host a special domain auction on August 30. On the contrary, the launch of .shop in Japan has been quite, reflecting the lack of domain interest in corporate Japan.

When it comes to domain awareness, Japan is far behind China. In newspaper ads, for example, many Japanese companies still draw a search box prefilled with intended keyword for readers to find their websites. In other words, many Japanese companies still do not understand the power and advantage of using a good domain name so that their customers can skip search engines to go directly to their websites.

Finally, let's look at the NewG data reported today on China continues to dominate most of the extensions and this week's top ten new extensions remain the same with no change in their ranking. In terms of volume, .xyz has dropped by about 9k but .top did quite well last week, increasing by about 6%.