Chinese Domain Market Newsletter

I just read that Apple has abandoned the much loved 3.5mm jack in its latest iPhone products. This standard port actually started in 1878 when it was used for manual telephone exchanges. It's really amazing that this humble port is probably the oldest electrical connector standard still in use. This just shows that no matter how good something is, the end of its life will always come, and so we must constantly adapt to changes. Truth be told, I still love to watch old movies recorded on our video tapes long time ago. Here's the post.

September 10, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #3

The registration chart of the Chinese IDN extension .中文网 (Chinese language net) is not looking good. I stumbled across it the other day when I was browsing the site, which is a good resource if you are interested in tracking the new extensions including Chinese IDNs. The registration chart can be found at

The .中文网 extension was opened to the public for registration on April 28, 2014. By August of the same year, the number exceeded 17,000. It then lingered at around 18,000 for about two years. June 9 of this year saw a big drop, reducing the registration number to 12,513, and the number has been flat since then. We need to see significant and continued growth of Chinese IDN extensions for them to become mainstream in China. Here's the latest data.