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The other day we treated ourselves to a movie. We watched "Sully" while enjoying ice cream in our hands. Afterward, we had nice coffee in the little cafe inside the theatre. While looking out the window to enjoy the beautiful, grassy beach, I was happy about a habit we stick to. We use our credit cards as often as shops allow, but pay off the whole amount at the end of each month. The reward is that the movie tickets, ice cream, and coffee were all paid for by the points we have accumulated through our credit cards. We pay zero interest but receive cash rebate that we can use for our enjoyment. What a fantastic deal! Here's the post.

September 17, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #4

While I write a lot about the mainstream extensions (.com and .cn) in China, I think some of the new extensions will be popular even in the corporate world. If the name part and an extension flow well together, I think the extension has potential. One example is .vip.

While many Chinese consumers probably cannot spell out "vip", they know it means special -- a special guest or a famous person. If you put .vip after a brand name, that creates a special class of customers of the brand. For example, Alibaba may provide exclusively for use by its most important customers.

How would you feel if you were accepted into this exclusive group? Would you want your email address be something like (which of course redirects to your main email address)? Now, that's interesting. An email address may become something to show your social status.

OK, here's the latest stats on the new extensions. This week .vip came on to the Top 10 chart at No. 8, pushing .ren to No. 11.