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Mr. Peacock was my first native speaking English teacher. He came from Britain and was probably in his 50s when he was teaching our senior class in the dragon city. He was a short man. I don't remember he ever smiled, but he was serious in teaching. Most importantly, he instilled confidence in me. At our school, we had a student teaching day once a year. Surprisingly, Mr. Peacock gave me the honor to "teach" for that day, even though I was much less qualified than the several rich kids in my class. He was truly an English gentleman, someone who looked after the less privileged in his class. Here's the post.

September 26, 2016 (Mon)

Interview with domain investor Ping Jing

Today's post is based on a recent interview with domain investor Ping Jing (平静 = tranquility, a nickname) published on eName. Ping Jing works in the internet advertising space and domain investment is only his hobby. He started domain investment in 2007 when he was working as a webmaster, so his exposure to domain names was obvious. The first domain name he bought was for US$ 450.

A while ago he bought for $9k and then sold it for 6 figures to an end user company, giving him a multiple of 33 in terms of return. The end user has trademarked XJD, so the domain name + trademark combo will be worth even much more in the future. is most profitable in terms of dollar amount, but in terms of ROI is the best because he bought it for $8.25 and then sold it for $1,050, giving him a multiple of 127.

One of the domain names he owns is This is a domain name that particularly interests me because it shows you the addition of Chinese meaning can make a domain name more valuable. For investors using the Chip rule, does not look like a very good domain name because it contains "4" in its name.

However, if you come from Wuyishan city, the domain name will mean a lot to you. This is because 5134 rhymes with 武夷山市 (Wuyishan city), an ancient city located in Fujian province. Wuyishan city is an important tourist destination which is also listed by UNESCO as part of the world's natural and cultural heritage. The city's official website is but I think will make it stand out among other Chinese cities.

His advice to new domain investors is to start with LLL or LLLL .cn/.com because their values stay relatively stable. These domain names have meanings and potential for value growth, even though their prices are a bit high. He recommends to focus on cash flow but not too much on the return. In other words, you sell if you can make a good profit. Don't try to wait for the maximum price, thus tying up your capital. Move in and out of deals fast, leaving some money on the table so that everyone is profitable and happy and the market stays active.

Figures in this story has been converted from Chinese yuan to US$ for convenience. The interview conducted in Chinese can be found at