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I have lived in big cities, but now I prefer small ones like ours. Unlike the dragon city, the summer here is mild and not humid. The temperature variation throughout the year is not drastic so the whole climate is comfortable. There are many beaches within very short driving distances. For example, this morning we drove for about 10 minutes and were already walking on the beach and enjoying the cool air of spring. Now that gigabit broadband is being rolled out nationwide, I don't see any reason to move back to any big city. Here's the post.

October 1, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #6

The trend is not looking good for the new domain extensions. Overall, the total number of registrations for the top 10 extensions has been down -- from 14.7m on September 10 to 14.1m today. Since .vip did not come on to the list on September 10, the difference should be much bigger. Number One .xyz is clearly going down, but there are a number of winners: .top, .club, .site, .bid, .vip, and .online.

RankExtensionSeptember 10September 17September 24October 1
1xyz 6,194,0446,189,6166,172,0726,156,417
2top 3,509,6673,543,6313,588,2613,648,029
4win 1,007,1261,023,5591,031,5001,021,308
5club 780,277791,895797,636801,579
6site 467,098473,452479,379486,444
7bid 403,670417,924422,520436,974
8vip 412,589415,387427,509
9online 382,359391,945402,407411,331
10link 326,498318,286317,025315,678

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