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A friend came to me for advice recently. She has a small amount of saving and wants to generate income from it. I suggested her to pick an area of her interest, source relevant products, and sell them on an auction site. But, she must spend time to study the market and prices so she can buy low and sell high -- the basic principle in business. She became puzzled when I told her the amount of effort required to become an expert in her chosen area and succeed. Why do people want instant success? Here's the post.

October 4, 2016 (Tue)

There is Chinese love in numeric domain names

Numbers are generally plain. But, if you inject love into them, suddenly they become very charming both in terms of look and value. Long-time readers may know that I usually don't bother to look for Chinese meanings for numeric domain names beyond 4 digits. However, today I'm in the mood of sharing love so I decided to find some long numeric domain names with "love" in Chinese. Here are ten 6N domain names with lovely Chinese meanings.

220225爱爱你爱爱我love you, love me
259695爱我就了解我get to know me if you love me
259758爱我就娶我吧marry me if you love me
330335想想你想想我think of you, think of me
540086我是你女朋友I'm your girlfriend
564335無聊時時想我think of me when you are bored
517230我已经爱上你I have fallen in love with you
737420今生今世爱你love you for a lifetime
770880亲亲你抱抱你kiss you, hug you
902535求你爱我想我please love me and think of me

I hope you like them. Tomorrow I'll explore the Chinese love in 7N (or maybe longer) domain names. Stay tuned!