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Dr. Brown was a professor in political science. I took a few courses from him and I liked him. He was quite friendly but he had a big problem. He was not good at organizing things so his office was always full of stacks of paper everywhere. I remember a story circulating among students that at one time he lost his typewriter and could not find it no matter how hard he tried. About six months later, he happened to clear out part of his office -- and found his beloved typewriter buried deep in the mountain of paper! Here's the post.

October 5, 2016 (Wed)

More Chinese love in numeric domain names

Yesterday I looked at Chinese love in 6N domain names. Today I'd like to look at even longer numeric domain names -- 7N. As I have explained in past blog posts, Chinese use a rhyming method to give meanings to numbers. In other words, we say a number in Chinese, and then try to find Chinese characters that sound very similar. For example, 0 rhymes with 你 (you), 宁 (peaceful), 林 (forest), 赢 (win), and many more Chinese characters. Love is good, so let us look at 7N domain names that can convey love.

1314920一生一世就爱你love you for a lifetime
9908875求求你别抛弃我please don't abandon me
5201314我爱你一生一世I love you for a lifetime
5452830无时无刻不想你think of you all the time
2030999爱你想你久久久love you and think of you for a long time
3030335想你想你想想我think of you, think of me
3344520 生生世世我爱你love you forever
1314925一生一世就爱我love me for a lifetime
0564335你无聊时想想我think of me when you are bored
2202258爱爱你爱爱我吧I love you please love me

For the Chinese domain market, I only like short names. 7N domain names are generally too long for Chinese consumers to remember. Of couse, a very small number of 7N are valuable because of their Chinese meanings. They can be used in advertising and promotion.