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October 6, 2016 (Thu)

Extreme Chinese love in numeric domain names

This is the last post on long numeric domain names with "love" in Chinese. This time I'd like to go extreme and look at some domain names as long as 13 digits! By spending more time, I'm certain I can create Chinese "love" meanings for even longer numeric domain names. But will they still be practical for Chinese consumers to remember? I'm not so sure, so I'd better stop here. Please note that some of the following numbers rhyme very well but some are not very obvious, such as 706519184. This post is meant to be for a little bit of fun.

8N30301430想你想你又是想你think of you, think of you, and again think of you
8N51131420我要一生一世愛你I want to love you forever
9N706519184请你让我依靠一辈子please let me rely on you forever
10N5203344587我爱你生生世世不变心I love you forever with the same heart
11N51201314587我要爱你一生一世不变心I want to love you forever with the same heart
11N99013148875求求你一生一世別拋棄我I beg you not to leave me for a lifetime
13N8807701314520抱抱你亲亲你一生一世我爱你I hug you, kiss you, and love you forever
13N7708801314520亲亲你抱抱你一生一世我爱你I kiss you, hug you, and love you forever
13N2202251314520爱爱你爱爱我一生一世我爱你love you, love me, and I love you forever
13N20303344520爱你想你生生世世我爱你I love you,think of you, and love you forever

I checked all these numeric domain names on both .com and .cn extensions, but none of them have been developed into websites. I have not checked whether they are available for hand registration. If you manage to regsiter some of them, I wish you good luck in selling your long numeric domain names to the Chinese domain market.