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Today I want to thank my reader and friend Howard in Florida. Few months ago he urged me to join LinkedIn but I was not interested. However, one day I did decide to join for no important reason. Soon, I saw its great value when I found out LinkedIn is the only western social network successful in China. Its membership has soared from 4m to 25m in just two years and it's going to explode. I'm capitalizing on this precious moment and focusing all my efforts to build a large network with top executives in China. Here's the post.

October 8, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #7

The downward trend continues as reflected by the consistently falling total number of registrations for the Top 10 new extensions. .top has the best performance among this group, with growth of about 200k in the last 4 weeks. .club also shows its strength by exceeding 800k in registration for the first time. Other winners are .site, .bid, .vip, and .online. .link was bumped off the chart and replaced by .ren (人 = Person).

RankExtensionSeptember 17September 24October 1October 8
1xyz 6,189,6166,172,0726,156,4176,149,879
2top 3,543,6313,588,2613,648,0293,738,317
4win 1,023,5591,031,5001,021,3081,016,845
5club 791,895797,636801,579805,298
6site 473,452479,379486,444497,284
7bid 417,924422,520436,974463,204
8vip 412,589415,387427,509428,797
9online 391,945402,407411,331418,522
10ren 314,909

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