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October 10, 2016 (Mon)

Country extension .cc welcome in China

While the .cc extension may not be popular in the west, it is certainly welcome by startups in China. The Top 300 New Internet Companies survey in 2016 is proof, where .cc ranked number 3 (after .com and .cn) with five startups using it to build their websites. Even more surprising is the fact that .cc was ahead of the well-established .net in this survey.

.cc is the country extension for Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an Australian territory with population 600 only, according to Wikipedia. A site search on Baidu returns about 100m results, indicating common use of this extension in China. .cc was launched in 1997 and is now owned by VeriSign. Some promoters have tried to rebrand .cc to mean 'Chinese Company' but the result is yet to see.

Here are some companies using premium .cc domain names to build their websites.

DomainCompanyBusinessMatch brand?
AC.ccAC科技search engineYes
BD.cc比迪online eyeglass shopYes
FG.cc老富贵QQ number marketplaceYes (part)
FI.cc时代财富personal investmentNo
KD.cc客到restaurant management softwareYes
MP.cc名品trademark marketplaceYes
RZ.cc美融lending marketplaceNo

If many companies in China -- including the best emerging startups -- have built their businesses on .cc, this tells me that .cc has credibility. The advantage of .cc is that it is short. When combined with a very short name, then the whole domain name can become very easy to remember. I see the best .cc domain names being up to 3N and 3L. However, as shown in this list, many Chinese companies still need to learn the importance of matching their domain name with their brand name.