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Today I decided to cook my favorite steamed pork ribs. First, we bought some pork ribs at a Chinese supermarket. I cut the ribs into small portions, and then added sugar, salt, minced garlic, ginger, dark soy sauce, Japanese wine, Chiu Chow chili oil, and some cornstarch mixed with water. I placed the meat in a plate inside a bamboo steamer, and then put the steamer into large pot filled with boiling water at the bottom. I steamed it for about 8 minutes, and then poured some hot cooking oil over the dish. Voila! we had a delicious dinner. Here's the post.

October 22, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #9

This week .xyz finally turned around and had growth of 72,000 domain names. It also happened to .win but the growth was very small. The usual strong performers (.top, .club, .site, .bid, .vip, .online) continued their uptrend. .wang remained stagnant. Finally, .link bumped off .ren to come back on to the top 10 list but it saw no growth in the last few weeks.

RankExtOct 01Oct 08Oct 15Oct 22China
1xyz 615661506136620816%
2top 364837383781381676%
4win 102110171007100989%
5club 80280581081654%
6site 48649750451164%
7bid 43746347147878%
8vip 42842943043469%
9online 41141942042816%
10link 31631642%
  • Blanks indicate extension outside Top 10 earlier
  • Unit in 1,000
  • Data courtesy of