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When making our lunch the other day, we ran out of eggs. Fortunately we have very good neighbors. So, I climbed over our small hedge and went into the backyard of our neighboring house to find Matthew and his wife tending their garden. I borrowed three eggs from them and then jokingly told them to plant more vegetables so that I could just come and pick fresh vegetables from their garden! This is why I like the sail city -- people here are very friendly and helpful. Here's the post.

November 5, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #11

There is not much change in the NewG landscape. As I gather more data, I plan to turn the data into a monthly chart, then a quarterly and eventually a yearly chart. This will enable us to see a longer trend. I'd also like to compare the total number of registrations for the top 10 extensions to see if there is any big movement. Hopefully this will give us a better picture about the NewG.

RankExtOct 15Oct 22Oct 29Nov 05China
1xyz 613662086190615116%
2top 378138163872390876%
4win 10071009100298989%
5club 81081681982554%
6site 50451151752064%
7bid 47147848248477%
8vip 43043443646670%
9online 42042843644416%
10link 31631731842%
  • Blanks indicate extension outside Top 10 earlier
  • Unit in 1,000
  • Data courtesy of