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Cornwall Park is our favorite place for walking. The park is situated in the middle of the city but it's more like a farm blessed with hundreds of sheep and cows. Inside the park is a pathway called Twin Oak Drive, which is a long walking path lined with tall oak trees on both sides. Now that we are in late spring, the trees and their leaves form a beautiful tunnel curved at one end. While walking in this 'tunnel', we cannot see what's around its corner, and this reminds me that life is similar: we don't know what lies ahead beyond the next 100 feet. Here's the post.

November 12, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #12

I want to thank Andy Brier for his excellent website The site is free but it contains tremendous amount of useful information to help NewG investors analyze new domain extensions. Every week, I use the site to compile NewG data by first checking the Top 10 list and then going to the page of each domain extension for the details.

Let's take .club for example. You can find its details here:

The page shows that .club has 831,423 domain name registrations so far, and has an increase of 2,210 since the last update. The top country is China, meaning that you need to pay attention to the Chinese market if you are a .club investor. The top registrar is, which implies most .club domain buyers hang around on this site.

If you want to register a .club domain name, check the Where to Buy list. It shows you currently Namecheap offers the best price at $0.88 but Epik charges the most at $34.95 among the 40+ registrars. Want to know some historical sales of .club domain names? No problem, just look at the Aftermarket / Premium Sales list. Finally, the graph at the bottom of the page shows you .club is on a uptrend.

There is still a lot that I have not covered, so be sure to spend some on this free site if you are a NewG domain investor.

RankExtOct 22Oct 29Nov 05Nov 12China
1xyz 620861906151615732%
2top 381638723908398876%
3win 10091002989104983%
5club 81681982583154%
6site 51151752052663%
7bid 47848248449277%
8vip 43443646646870%
9online 42843644445716%
10ren 316317318100%
  • Blanks indicate extension outside Top 10 earlier
  • Unit in 1,000
  • Data courtesy of