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November 26, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #14

Is there a general lack of interest in the NewG domain investment? A video about the Domain Startup Summit held in July this year has been available on YouTube since August 21 and in the past three months there were only 6 views -- two of them from me!

This video features top executives in the domain industry such as Andee Hill, Lucas Webster, Page Howe, Muhammad Kausar Saleem, and Braden Pollock. Webster discovered that as soon as his was launched, it started ranking well in Google search before any advertising and promotion of the site was done. This shows the SEO benefits of NewG domain names.

Hill was surprised by their .photography becoming the best seller in photo-related domain names. (I checked and today's numbers are 48,699 .photography domain names, 13,442 .pics, and 18,624 .photos.) "Meaning trumps length," she said. For photographers, they are professional and they want you to know that at their websites.

Pollock had a similar experience. When he launched a marketing campaign to promote legal extensions (.esq, .law, .lawyer, .attorney, .associates, and .legal) to lawyers, he was putting money on .law being the best extension because it's 3 letters, people are used to this term, and it makes sense. But the number one seller turned out to be .lawyer.

By investing 30 minutes in watching this video, I have learned something valuable about NewG domain names. So, I'm surprised why people would not take up this opportunity to learn when it's all free. If you are interested, the video is titled "Startup Branding: How Startups Are Using New Domain Brands (Domain Startup Summit)" and can be found at:

Now, let's look at this week's stats. This week saw the rapid rise of .loan from #13 to #10, overtaking .ren, .red, and .link. The .loan domain names are mostly owned within China. In fact, if you look at the China column in the table, you'll see all except .online are the play of Chinese domain investors. We can even say NewG = China. However, if you look at the TOTAL row, you can see that the number is trending down. My wide guess is that many NewG domain names registered during the 2015 boom are now dropping.

RankExtNov 05Nov 12Nov 19Nov 26China
1xyz 615161576183618064%
2top 390839884073421680%
3win 98910491174117392.4%
5club 82583180781164.4%
6bid 48449250655482.8%
7site 52052653153182.8%
8online 44445747148127.7%
9vip 46646846947395.8%
10loan 26526929044793.8%
  • Unit in 1,000
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