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There is a family where the husband and wife live peacefully together. High up on the wall in their family room is a framed calligraphy banner with these characters written: 太太怕我. The husband always read the characters from the left, which means: My wife is afraid of me. He thinks there's no need to fight with his wife because he always has the upper hand. However, his wife always read the characters from the right, which means: I (husband) am afraid of my wife. So she has the confidence and therefore there is no need to fight with her husband. As a result, peace is maintained in the house, or so the legend goes. Isn't it also true that if you change the way you look at a problem in life, you may see something beautiful coming out of it? Here's the post.

December 3, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #15

Same Extension. One Good. One Bad. That's how I felt when I read the news stories of two companies both using the Chinese IDN extension 网址 (web address).

First the good one: 神马.网址. 神马 (Shenma = magical horse) is the trading name for Shenma Industrial Co., Ltd, a large chemical group listed on a Chinese stock market. Its legal name is very long with 10 Chinse characters (神马实业股份有限公司), but the company has chosen to use only its trading name in its Chinese IDN domain name, which is short and very easy to remember. The Chinese IDN domain name redirects to, the official website of the company.

Now the bad one: 中国郑州跨境电子商务综合试验区.网址 which redirects to The IDN name is simply too long to remember and type. In my opinion, Chinese IDN domain names should be short, and names consisting of two Chinese characters are probably the best because they matches the Chinese tradition of naming things with two Chinese characters.

Now, let's look at this week's stats. The most noticeable change is the continued rapid rise of .loan. It came onto the Top 10 list only a week ago, but in the past week it has climbed to the 7th spot. With 96.1% of .loan domain names registered in China, this is a game only the Chinese are playing.

Also, the total registration of the Top 10 domain names has decreased from 16.4m to 15.2m, or more than one million in just four weeks. This suggests a weak market overall.

RankExtNov 12Nov 19Nov 26Dec 03China
1xyz 615761836180622664.2%
2top 398840734216458679.7%
3win 104911741173117692.1%
5club 83180781182164.3%
6bid 49250655458184%
7loan 26929044754396.1%
8site 52653153153282.3%
9online 45747148149727.8%
10vip 46846947347995.8%
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