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I was alarmed when I heard my wife yelling "Oh No!" I rushed to the laundry room only to find her holding a memory card in her hand. It just happened that I forgot to take out the memory card from my shirt's pocket when I handed it to her this morning. The memory card contains my backup files and a video clip. Surprisingly, despite the harsh 30-minute washing cycle, the memory card remains intact. I was able to view the files and even play the video with no problem at all. What a miracle! Here's the post.

December 7, 2016 (Wed)

Recommended reading of past blog posts

I have written many posts on the Chinese domain market, but there are some posts that I, myself, find very valuable and I often have to look for them when I need them -- particularly those related to surveys and statistics. So, I plan to write about these blog posts from time to time, just in case you have missed them. Today, I'd like to cover five posts written in June and July this year. I hope you'll like them.

Domain names used by Chinese companies in Top 100 Global Brands
Chinese firms score 12 of the top 100 names in the 2016 Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. This survey shows you domain names these 12 Chinese companies are using for the Chinese consumers...

Domain names save 90% of ad expenses and add 15% to business success
In this post, top executives from two successful Internet companies -- Jiu Xian Wang and Wo Wo Tuan -- shared what they have learned about the power of a good domain name.

Advice from Chinese startup CEO: domain name first
Lenovo executive Chang CHENG told corporate China these words: 先找域名,再定品牌 (Find the domain name first, then settle the brand.). Read this post to learn how he chose a domain name and named his startup.

How I look at aeiouv04 in Chinese domain names
If you have ever wondered whether a, e, i, o, u, v, 0, and 4 can be used in Chinese domain names, this is the post for you. See how these letters and numbers can be used creatively in Chinese domain names.

Best Chinese brands and their domain names
In this post, you can learn about domain names some of the best Chinese brands use. By studying these leaders, you can get a sense of where domain names will be going in China.