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I've led games at various occasions in the past, but I still have not figured out what makes a game successful. For example, I once created a game called "True or False." Participants are asked to think of one special event that actually happened in their lives, and also make up another special event that never occurred. The rest of the group must decide which one of the two is true. Very simple game. When I played it with a group of church folks, they had a blast. Later, I played this same game with a group of alumni from my university but it was a disaster. Why the difference? I don't know. Here's the post.

December 10, 2016 (Sat)

NewG talk #16

.xyz is doing well on the platform. I'm looking at the latest weekly report from where .xyz was the top seller for the week, scoring $31k (204k yuan) or 20% of the total weekly sales. Five of the top 10 were taken by .xyz. As you can see below, they are all very short Pinyin names. was sold for $4,333 (28,888 yuan). It's is an excellent 1-pin word which may mean 福 (happiness), 付 (pay), and 富 (wealth). Now that .xyz has been approved by MIIT, the domain name can be used to develop websites in many big money making fields such as dating, payment, and investment. was sold for $2,970 (19,800 yuan). This 1-pin word may mean 戏 (game), 昔 (the past), and 喜 (happy). was sold for $2,970 (19,800 yuan). This 1-pin word may mean 大 (big), 答 (answer), and 达 (to reach). was sold for $675 (4,500 yuan). This 2-pin word may mean 橘子 (tangerine), 巨资 (huge investment), and 锯子 (a saw). was sold for $488 (3,250 yuan). This 2-pin word may mean 大使 (ambassador), 大师 (great master), and 大事 (major event).

Now, let's look at this week's stats. There is no change in the ranking position, but the total registration of the Top 10 domain names continues to slide, suggesting a weak market.

RankExtNov 19Nov 26Dec 03Dec 10China
1xyz 618361806226620265.1%
2top 407342164586459579.7%
3win 117411731176117092%
5club 80781182183264.6%
6bid 50655458158584%
7loan 29044754354995.7%
8site 53153153254082.2%
9online 47148149750828.1%
10vip 46947347950196%
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