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I just came across an excellent series of YouTube videos called The History and Future of the Domain Name System, a panel discussion organized by University of Oxford in 2008. The panel had some well known domain figures such as Paul Mockapetris, inventor of the Domain Name System. Even though it is a bit old, the contents are still very useful. I think it's important to understand how domain names came about and changes that occurred over the years. Sadly, even though the videos were uploaded in 2015, less than 200 people have viewed them. This lack of interest suggests that the domain industry is still in its infancy. Here's the post.

January 14, 2017 (Sat)

NewG talk #21

How are NewG domain names being developed into websites? We all want to know this piece of information because high user adoption indicates good future of an extension. Now we have a glimpse of it, and it was provided by Mr. Jun YANG, sales director at

At the 2nd Annual China Domain Name Development Conference (第二届中国域名发展大会) held in Beijing on January 10 this year, Mr. Yang revealed that the NewG domain names receiving the most ICP licenses (in order to operate a website in China) were .top, .wang, and .vip in that order. Mr. Yang's speech in Chinese can be found at

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