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Two days ago a Kiwi couple came to visit us. They went to Japan years ago as missionaries and lived first in Aomori in the northern part of Japan and then later in Tokyo. The Aomori people speak a dialect called Aomori-ben, which is different from Tokyo (sort of standard Japanese). Interestingly, the Kiwi couple sometimes found themselves in a funny situation where they would be translating between their Aomori and Tokyo friends at the same gathering. How strange! Here's the post.

January 28, 2017 (Sat)

NewG talk #23

Result of the last week's auction on shows that "short" is key to investing in NewG domain names. The best one on the list is at $2,250 (15,000 yuan). JQ may mean 金钱 (money), 假期 (holiday), or 剑桥 (Cambridge). Shortness and good meaning make this domain name valuable to an end user now that .xyz has been approved by MIIT for use in China for website development.

Another top name is for $990 (6600 yuan). 179 rhymes with 一起购 (buy together) and 一起走 (go together).

Two names really puzzle me. was sold for $1,050 (7,000 yuan). would be a good name; 178 rhymes with 一起发 (make a fortune together), so the left of the dot and the right of the dot match. Adding the "happy" prefix makes it look awkward., sold for $623 (4152 yuan), faces the same issue too; is good but I just don't see the value in

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