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Many years ago I read about a paradox: your strength is your weakness and your weakness is your strength. I find it very true. For example, recently I read separate stories of two Chinese mainlanders who have visited Hong Kong frequently over decades. They notice that the well-developed financial system in Hong Kong is hindering development of mobile payment. On the contrary, the poor banking system in China made it easy for the country to move right into mobile payment and now consumers there can pay for almost anything with their mobile phones. Here's the post.

February 4, 2017 (Sat)

NewG talk #24

Recently a reader wanted to know if is starting to pick up in China. Actually, I am not aware of the popularity of this kind of domain names. I don't remember if I have ever come across such domain names in my reading of Chinese domain news everyday.

CNNIC publishes an internet report twice a year but no information has been given on In its latest report (see my January 25 post), however, the IDN extension 中国(IDN China) was mentioned. This extension has been around for quite a while but so far has only 474k registrations or 1.1% of the total domain registrations in China. The NewG IDN.IDN scene is not encouraging, either. Look at their numbers taken from

RankExtensionRegistrations (web address)95,388 (knowledge)88,734 (company)46,345 (world)29,666 (network)29,256 (online)14,512 (website)12,424 (mall)12,027
So, I think IDN domain names are not yet popular in China. Below is the latest information on the top 10 NewG extensions.

RankExtJan 14Jan 21Jan 28Feb 04China
  • Unit in 1,000
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