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I recently listened to the thought-provoking talks by the late professor Neil Postman on technology and society. In one of his talks, he mentioned a time when the US government was considering heavily subsidizing the development of supersonic airplanes which could fly from New York to LA in just 3 hours instead of 6. So the question was asked: what would the passengers do with the 3 hours saved? The answer was: watch TV. So a creative suggestion was put forward: install TV sets on existing planes and save billions of tax money! You can find the talks on YouTube. Here's the post.

February 18, 2017 (Sat)

NewG talk #26

In this past week, four Chinese IDN extensions were approved by MIIT. They are 在线 (online), 中文网 (Chinese website), 我爱你 (I love you), and 集团 (corporate group). This means you can apply for ICP licenses to develop and host websites using these domain names within China.

To see how these extensions have been doing, I went to but the results are not very promising. The best one in the group has less than 15,000 registrations. While I think Chinese IDNs have a place in consumer marketing, it's still a long way for them to have any impact on corporate China.

129在线 (online)14,510
143中文网 (Chinese website)12,419
168我爱你 (i love you)10,135
425集团 (corporate group)890

Here's the latest figures for the Top 10 NewG extensions. Note the continuous and rapid rise of .loan. It moved up one notch to the 3rd place in this past week. This extension is favored mostly by Chinese buyers.

RankExtJan 28Feb 04Feb 11Feb 18China
  • Unit in 1,000
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